Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Baby Snowdrop's Giveaway

ng0meL by ummi

Baby Snowdrop is having a giveaway, just a small giveaway to all bloggers.
Actually, baby snowdrop ingin memperkenalkan pada sume their new products which is Baby Ring Sling & Modern Cloth Pad.

So for a start, Baby Snowdrop nak giveaway Cloth Pad sample iaitu one piece of Night Pad pada yang berminat.

Giveaway ni open until 16 Nov 2009

But before that, ade syarat2 nye.
add banner Baby Snowdrop
become Baby Snowdrop's follower
make entry about Baby Snowdrop's Giveaway
leave your name, email address and blog/website at Baby Snowdrop's comment box so that they can visit each blog and see whether qualified or not to get the free sample
Last but not least, why don't we go and check out Baby Snowdrops's site?

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